"Using the product of Sagar Brass industries was a great experience. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product they deliver. I have installed Brass Hose Fittings in my garden and I was surprised to find the variety and the range of size they offer. They have offered me the Hose Fittings that fits the best and has no leakage. "

Sunil Jain, New Delhi

"While we were struggling to manage the leakage in the bathroom Brass Sanitary products came up with the best solution. We are thankful to the Sagar Brass Industries for providing the range of product that solves all our issues. We are sure that the products would last long. The elegant looks and the beautiful design of these sanitary parts enhanced the grace of our bathroom. "

Suhbash Bannerjee, Chennai

"Sagar Brass industries are truly one of the leading manufacturers of bass products. We are extremely happy and pleased with the quality of brass product solution that they have delivered our for the garden. The designs are so good and beautiful that it brings added elegance to our garden. We are thankful to Sagar Brass Industries for delivering the best brass products for our garden. "

Priyanka Agarwal, Gujarat

"Sagar Brass has proved their reliability with the quality of products they deliver. I am using some of the brass precision components and I am highly pleased with them. Sagar Brass industries provide a huge range of brass precision products that fits the specific need of the user. It seems that the material used for the products are strong enough to last for years. "

Sumit Gupta, Poland

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